IRS Extends The Stimulus Check Deadline

IRS Extends The Stimulus Check Deadline

November 2020 Stimulus Deadline


The IRS has now released that they have extended the deadline to register for the new stimulus check to November 21, 2020, which now allows all Americans an additional five weeks after the previous deadline of October 15, 2020.  This stimulus check will also provide tax relief to business owners who owe taxes to the IRS.

Tools To Register For Your Stimulus Check

In order to receive your payment, head to the IRS website, and use the “Enter Payment Info Here” tool to register.  To receive your stimulus check as soon as it is released, make sure to sign up for the direct deposit option or you can simply wait to receive the check in the mail.  Here are some quick links for you to utilize on the IRS website:

Enter Payment Info Tool

IRS Website

What the IRS intended when they decided to extend the deadline was that it provides more time for people that have not yet received payment and to register to get their money.  The IRS is planning to have the November 2020 deadline as the last deadline, as anything past this deadline could disrupt the flow in preparation for the 2021 tax filing seasons.

What The IRS Is Sending In Advance

Approximately 9 million Americans who are eligible for stimulus checks will be receiving letters from the IRS informing them that they are eligible for this stimulus package.  This analysis was a result of the 2018 and 2019 tax return filings, income levels, and other third-party statements received from the IRS.  Most of the American citizens receiving letters fall into a bracket of an annual income of $12,000 for those who filed as single, and $24,000 or less for a married couple.

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