Make Your Tax Appointment!

Make Your Tax Appointment!

The IRS struggles every year during normal tax seasons, add in the virus-related provisions and the agency’s strained resources, and we have the perfect storm. Millions of American taxpayers will find it even harder than usual to get in touch with someone from the agency to figure out what they can and cannot do. There are already growing questions on taxes on unemployment checks, stimulus checks, college relief programs, and business deductions for those now working from home.

To navigate the unique rules that arose from a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, hiring a tax expert or consulting with an accounting firm will likely be the best way to ensure you take the correct and necessary actions this tax season. For a tax appointment in Los Angeles, you can go here to schedule a FREE consultation.

MBA Financial and Accounting Solutions was founded in 2013 and is listed as a Top Ten Accounting Services in Los Angeles. MBA Financial boasts a wide selection of services including but not limited to: bookkeeping, tax preparation, business formation, payroll services, business consulting, Quickbooks services, CDTFA, and more.

With tax season just around the corner, MBA Financial’s team of experienced accountants can prepare income taxes for both individuals and businesses. Included in these services are individuals, amendments, prior-years, estates, trusts, tax-exempt organizations, corporations, partnerships, and LLCs. To schedule a FREE consultation, you can contact one of our first-class financial and accounting partners or drop a line here.

A successful tax firm in Los Angeles requires extensive education and hands-on experience, an understanding of tax laws, and the passion to continue the education for the life of the practice. This includes taking the necessary courses to qualify an individual as a Registered Tax Preparer in California. Though an accounting degree or CPA certification is not required in order to become a tax professional, the experienced accountants at MBA Financial have gone the extra mile to get the proper credentials. Most of our tax experts come from an accounting education background, are CPA certified, hands-on experience, and a love for accounting. This ensures that our tax experts listen to and meet all the client’s needs and identify others the client may not even be aware of. The tax experts at MBA Financial have also taken the IRS Enrolled Agent designation that allows them to practice in front of the Internal Revenue Service. The ever-changing world of taxes requires love and passion for the field as continuous CPE and education are needed to maintain a license and stay up-to-date on changes in tax laws.

All of these certifications, regulations, and years of education and experience are a life-long commitment. Since most cringe at the site of tax obligations MBA Financial eagerly takes on this role so you can get back to running your business or doing what you enjoy. The team at MBA Financial & Accounting is CPA certified and will ensure the most accurate and efficient reporting for you and your business while keeping out of costs low and maximizing returns. For the best financial accounting near Los Angeles, visit MBA Financial & Accounting’s list of services here, or to talk to an experienced CPA certified professional today call (800) 576-5746.