Receive Your Stimulus Check Yet?

Receive Your Stimulus Check Yet?

Did you receive your stimulus check?  Many Americans have been wondering why they have not received their stimulus check and have been trying to find out why they have not received any of the stimulus checks at all.  The IRS is sending out the stimulus checks based on the tax filings that have been reported to them for the years 2019 and 2020.  With the research that MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions have done on the stimulus checks, we can guide you on how to file your taxes and received the stimulus packages that are much needed.  The global pandemic of 2020 threw all of us in a whirlwind of confusion on how to move forward in our lives.  The stimulus package that was signed in 2020 and 2021 have been able to help families and individuals tremendously.  Here is some instructions on how you can check the status of your stimulus check.

Check Your Payment Status

Click on the link here for, Get My Payment.  This will take you to the IRS portal where you can simply input your credentials to check the status of your stimulus check.  The IRS will typically have three answers for you which are:

1. Stimulus check was sent on __________. 

This will inform you that your check has been sent out and they will indicate which day it should arrive or was sent out.

2. We need more information.

Usually when this is the result, it means that they need you to file your 2019 taxes in order to receive the stimulus check.  For the 2021 stimulus check, it is mandatory for you to file your 2020 taxes.

3. Please input your tax information from 2019 or 2020 to verify payment.

If you have filed your taxes for either 2019 or 2020, the IRS is basically asking for verification that you did file in order to send the stimulus check.  Simply input your total gross income, your refund or owed amount, and your personal identification in order to verify with the IRS.  Once it’s verified, your check will be sent out or you can receive it via direct deposit.

If you have not filed your taxes for 2019 yet, don’t worry.  The tax experts at MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions have been able to file taxes and find refunds for clients from years before.  Remember, in order to qualify or receive a stimulus check from the IRS, you must show that you filed your taxes for 2019.  Call us today for a FREE consultation at (800) 576-5746 and allow us to help you what you deserve.