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Business Entity Formation Services in West Hills

Choosing the right type of business entity in West Hills and the greater Los Angeles area is the foundation of any successful venture.

Convenience of a One-Stop Shop

Choosing the right type of business entity in West Hills and the greater Los Angeles area is the foundation of any successful venture. Therefore, when forming a new business, the decision of what form of business entity is right for you can be extremely challenging because that decision affects everything from the ownership structure and decision-making process to the financing of the business.

The most common types of business entities are:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation

Selecting the best business entity is dependent upon legal and tax ramifications and, as such, determines which income tax return form you have to file.

MBA Financial & Accounting Services (MBAFAS) will assist you in setting up the business entity best suited to you and your business objectives. We provide the convenience of a one-stop shop in setting up your business correctly from the start, i.e., business entity formation, bylaws creation, Statement of Information and business license acquisition, as well as DBA (“doing business as”) registration.

In the event that you would acquire an existing business, MBAFAS is well suited to consult with you about the process and offer invaluable, seasoned guidance along the way. From reviewing historical performance and fairly valuating the purchase price, business structure, and uncovering all the associated risks, MBAFAS will objectively make a recommendation about the process. Our goal is to protect you and your potential investment.

We know accounting and finance especially as they relate to businesses in Woodland Hills and the greater Los Angeles area. It’s what we live for each day and we want you to concentrate on what you do best which is acquiring new clients and growing your revenue stream.

After establishing and forming your business entity, MBAFAS will assist you in building out your operational, financial, and marketing infrastructures which we consider to be the foundation of your business. After that, our complementary expertise in bookkeeping, financial controls, internal operations, and strategic planning will address the remaining needs of your business and set you on the path of growth.

The Top 4 Benefits of Our Business Entity Formation Services

  1. Convenience of a one-stop shop
  2. Execution of your financial and accounting goals the first time, without error
  3. Freeing up your time to concentrate on what you do best – customer/client acquisition and growth
  4. Accessibility – conveniently located in Woodland Hills

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