What is a Small Business Consulting Service?

What is a Small Business Consulting Service?

Did you know that small business consulting is bigger than ever? In fact, the small business consulting market has passed the $64 billion dollar mark in 2020 alone. So what type of small business consulting services are available? After you read this article and still need advice, make sure to contact MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions. The executives at MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions can help you understand small business consulting, and give you a FREE consultation. Here’s a look at the seven major small business consulting categories. 

1). Sales and Marketing Consulting 

Just about every small business is looking for a way to grow its customer base. In other cases, a business may be looking for a way to lower its cost per customer acquisition. This is where sales and marketing consulting comes in. With sales consulting, a business can receive guidance on how to improve conversion rates and gain more sales. With marketing consulting, a business can receive guidance on what type of media they can use to reach their customers and how to adjust their messaging to raise its conversion rate. 

If you have any experience in sales or marketing, then it will be relatively easy for you to offer sales and marketing consulting services. 

2). IT Consulting 

When it comes to technology, most small businesses are overwhelmed with handling the organization and the security of its systems. In fact, it is rare for a small company to have its own IT department. At most, a small company may just have one IT person on its payroll. This is where IT consulting comes in.

An IT consultant can conduct a security audit of the company’s system or help install new systems into the business. If you have experience working with a company as an IT specialist, then it should be easy to offer IT consulting services. 

3). Strategic Planning 

Small businesses are always looking for new markets to enter or new opportunities to grow their business. However, these small businesses have limited resources when it comes to strategic planning. That’s why a strategic planning consultant can be so valuable. For instance, a strategic planner can find new ways that a small business can grow its market or new products and services that they can offer.

If you have experience working in an industry that closes resembles a small business that needs strategic planning services, then you may be able to offer your consulting expertise. 

4). Forecasting 

When a small business is just starting out, it may need some help figuring out what its sales and revenue will look like in the future. This is where forecasting comes in. A forecasting consultant can help give a small business a good idea of how much it can make over the intermediate and long term. This allows the smaller business to better allocate their resources to ensure that they don’t run out of money. 

If you have experience in the same field as a small business that needs forecasting services, then you can offer forecasting guidance as a consultant. 

5). Reporting 

A small business may have access to lots of analytics and data about their business, market, or customers. However, they may not know how to interpret this information or what to do with it. That’s where reporting consulting comes in. With reporting services, a consultant can either help a small business gather analytics or interpret the data they have. This allows the small business to make better-informed decisions as to what they should do next. 

6). Accounting 

Rarely will a small business have its own accounting on staff. That’s where an accounting consultant can help. With accounting consulting services, a certified CPA can help a small business manage their books, file and pay taxes, handle audits or deal with forensic accounting. 

Thanks to the array of accounting software, you can offer virtual accounting services to just about any small business around the world. 

7). Project Management 

When a small business is about to launch a new product or service or enter a new market, it can use outside help. With project management consulting, you can help a small business handle that special project from start to finish.

If you have experience with specific types of projects such as a project launch, new store opening, or business expansion, then you can offer project management in those specific areas. 


Getting Started with Small Business Consulting 

There are many opportunities for just about any to become a small business consultant. Gauge your own specialists and match them with small businesses that need your services. You can find that small business consulting could be your next big business. When it comes to dealing with small business consulting, it can definitely be difficult to research, work, and operate your own business altogether. MBA Financial & Accounting Solutions makes it easier for you to see all options available for you and your business. Make sure to call us at 800-576-5746 to receive your FREE consultation!